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First-time homeowners, it’s time to pay attention

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01/08/2014 | Author: Summer Mandell

"I've been meaning to tell you … that drain pipe over there directs water toward your foundation. You could get an extension and reroute the water flow pretty easily," said my next-door neighbor. "Water damage on your foundation can be serious!"

Being a first-time homeowner is exciting, but it's also a learning experience. I am grateful that my neighbor let me know about the drain issue. Not only did she alert me to an easy fix, but she gave me a wake-up call to pay closer attention to what's going on in (and outside) my new house. 

My husband and I have only owned our house for a couple of months, so we're still getting used to our new role as homeowners. As a renter, it was easy for me to tell my landlord when the garbage disposal wasn't working, but I have to admit I never spent time outside examining my drains when it was raining. Now that I own a place, actions like that will be a greater priority. I'll gladly pay $7 now on a plastic drain pipe to save thousands of dollars on fixing my foundation in the future.

My neighbor has been a homeowner for a long time, so I’m lucky that she's willing to pass along her knowledge to me. Another great source for tips like this has been my Texas REALTOR®. She gave us many insights that weren't apparent to us while we looked for and bought a house. If you are searching for your first home or have just bought one, don't be shy about asking your Texas REALTOR® for a few tips or resources on regular home maintenance. He'll be able to give you the basics or recommend someone who can.

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