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Are you really ready to list your home?

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05/09/2014 | Author: Jaime Lee

You may have heard that housing inventory in Texas is at an all-time low, making it a seller’s market statewide. This means that sellers are seeing multiple offers submitted at or above the listing price in many cases.

If you’ve been thinking about listing your home, this may sound like the time to act. And it may be, but make sure you're prepared.

A quick sale is good … if you have a plan
In a seller's market, some houses sell within days or even hours of being listed, which is great for sellers who know their next move. But what if you don’t?

Think about it: If you got an offer on your home the same day you listed it, would you be ready to accept it and find a new place to live?

Consider the options
If you aren’t ready to buy again, you could always rent a place before purchasing your next home. But that means potentially moving everything you own twice.

Maybe you could make arrangements with the new owner to temporarily lease the property. Or you may be able to counter the buyer’s offer with a longer closing period to allow yourself time to find a new place. But both of these options can mean more paperwork and a tight timeline.

Work with an expert
If you’re thinking about selling your home, talk to a Texas REALTOR® about preparing for your next step. You’ll be glad you did before having to make a rushed decision.

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