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Are Open Houses Useful or a Waste of Time? Yes

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Two story house in background of photo with red and white open house sign in foreground pointing toward the home

12/13/2013 | Author: Ward Lowe

I love it when I happen upon an open house in my neighborhood. I’ll wander in, check out the kitchen and bathrooms—wow, that’s a lot of avocado green—and grab a cookie on my way out.

You might be thinking, You just answered the question: open houses are a waste of time. Not so fast. Even though I come across as a dreaded lookie-loo, I know two families interested in moving to my neighborhood.

Yes, I’m nosy and enjoy checking out neighbors’ homes, too, but when I visit one that might work for my friends, I’ll e-mail the address and MLS number.

It’s not for everyone
Not everyone likes the idea of people parading through their home on a Sunday afternoon. And it takes a lot of effort to execute an open house, from cleaning and staging to moving your family somewhere else for three hours. You and your Texas REALTOR® need to come up with a comprehensive marketing plan specific to your situation, with or without open houses.

But you never know
One of the biggest arguments in favor of holding an open house is that it increases the visibility of your home. Because you never know where your buyers will come from. They could attend the open house, be the clients of a REALTOR® who visits your open house, or get an e-mail from me asking, Do you guys like avocado green?

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