An easy way to find out what buyers think of your house

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01/30/2015 | Author: Jaime Lee

Are you planning to list your house soon? One practice your Texas REALTOR® may suggest while your home is on the market is to ask buyers for their feedback after they view the property.

These comments can give you insight into what buyers think of the property and can be especially useful if you’ve had several showings but no offers.

You may want to ask questions like …

  • What features did they like? What did they not like?
  • How does the property compare to other properties they’ve seen?
  • What do they think of the price?
  • What would have made the property more attractive to them?

Then, talk with your Texas REALTOR® about any feedback you receive. He or she will help you decide which comments to disregard and which to seriously consider.

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Dona Willett on 02/04/2015

Feedback from Buyers is a snapshot of what the market considers important and valuable for this moment in time.  It gives the seller perspective. It’s really the best way to know you are on the right or wrong tract to selling your home. It can be tough love!  Give Feedback. It’s always helpful!

Claudia Baltodano on 02/03/2015

I recommend leaving positive feedback along with the negative. If there’s nothing positive to say, I don’t say anything at all. And be sure the negative feedback is constructive.

Dena Smith on 02/03/2015

Very few agents will leave feedback. I think because they don’t take notes during the showings and don’t ask their clients what they think. Also they spread themselves too thin and just fail to complete their job.

I nearly always leave feedback and here is an interesting twist to that… After leaving feedback one time I had the seller call me to demand further explanation, but he failed to identify himself and why he was calling. After a few messages I returned his call where he became abusive because I hadn’t returned his calls quickly enough. As soon as I figured out I was talking to the seller I ended the call. I contacted the listing agent and got another ear full. Turns out she was also a seller and related in some way to the other one and they just couldn’t seem to understand my feedback. The house was a flip and had dangerous exposed wiring at an outlet that could easily electrocute someone. It was clear that contractors were still working on the house. I figured that the agent and seller might not know about the condition and would want to since it is such a huge liability, so I brought it to their attention as a courtesy.

It took me a while before I was willing to leave feedback again.

Diane Driscoll on 02/03/2015

It would be nice if more agents would respond to feedback requests.  It’s very frustrating to have to tell a client, “We had xx number of showings this weekend, but I have no feedback for you.”  My received response rate is well less than 20%  - and I use CSS where they send an initial request, plus 1 follow up request per showing, I include “please leave feedback” in my showing instructions and sometimes follow up with a phone call (which usually goes to voice mail and is not returned).  Still, very few agents take the time to respond, even though it takes less than 10 seconds to complete the Feedback form. It’s frustrating.

Virginia Muller on 02/02/2015

Do you have a check list for questions like yours?

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