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6 renovations that will give you the best—and lowest—return on investment

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04/03/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

Thinking of adding a deck this year? Need to replace your garage door? While you may not be looking forward to spending money on those upgrades, there’s good news: They may help your resale value.

The 2015 Texas Remodel Valuation Report, released this week by the Texas Association of REALTORS®, shows that garage door replacements recouped up to 107.6% of the total project cost, ranking in the top five most profitable projects nationwide, regionally, and in four Texas cities. Wood deck additions recouped up to 116% of their cost.

Those aren’t the only upgrades that were good investments in 2014. Here are three others you may want to consider:

  • Back-up power generator. The most profitable project, which recouped 129.2% of its cost.
  • Steel entry door. Installing this type of door recouped up to 113.2% of its cost.
  • Basement remodels. Projects that maximized existing square footage were good investments last year, with basement remodels recouping 98% of their project costs.

And here are three you might want to save for another time:

  • Sunroom addition. This project showed the least return on investment, recouping as little as 29.3% of the total project cost.
  • Home-office remodel. Renovating a home office closely follows sunroom additions as one of the least profitable remodeling projects, recouping a maximum of 62.2% of the project cost.
  • Master-suite additions. Both typical and upscale renovations were unprofitable. These projects ranked among the five least profitable projects.

View the full report on texasrealestate.com.

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