The Texas REALTORS® Housing Opportunity Foundation, a 501c(3) charity, promotes and encourages workforce housing and homeownership opportunities in Texas.

Examples of the kinds of projects that may qualify for assistance

  • A local REALTOR® association sponsoring a class to educate members on how best to represent clients seeking workforce housing opportunities in Texas.
  • A mortgage company hosting an event to educate potential home buyers (or real estate agents) on the “ins and outs” of government loan programs.
  • An organization hosting a speaker discussing issues related to workforce housing availability, fair housing, working with low- and middle income clients, gentrification, etc.
  • A university or organization seeking funding for research on any workforce housing, government loan programs, fair housing, gentrification, etc.

Many other types of programs may also qualify.

Want Assistance From the Texas REALTORS® Housing Opportunity Foundation? 

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Texas REALTOR® License Plates Help Fund the Foundation

Texas REALTORS® can support the foundation by getting an “I Am A Texas REALTOR® ” license plate. Of the $30 fee for your new plates, $22 goes to the Texas REALTORS® Housing Opportunity Foundation. Get a license plate.