Texas REALTORS® 2018 Winter Meeting | Feb. 9-13 | Austin, Texas

Consumer campaigns

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Now that's a smart move

Make sure you work with a Texas REALTOR® for all your real estate needs. Now that's a smart move.

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Whatever your dream

Everyone has a dream in which real estate plays a part, and a Texas REALTOR® can get you there. 

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Before you make a move ... 

When you're ready to move, hire professionals—a Texas REALTOR® and a member of the Southwest Movers Association.  

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Road trippin' with Texas REALTORS®

When you listen to the "Texas Road Trippin'" radio show on Texas State Networks, you'll hear why you should contact a Texas REALTOR® when you're ready to buy your next Texas home.

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Protecting the rights of private-property owners

Texas REALTORS® play an important role in promoting legislation that helps real estate buyers, sellers, and owners. Two radio spots airing statewide explain how Texas REALTORS® work to protect the rights of private-property owners at the Texas Capitol.  

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Someone on your side

Buying, selling, or leasing real estate can be complicated. Whether you're dealing with commercial, residential, or farm and ranch property, a Texas REALTOR® is the professional you need on your side to help reach your goal and reduce the risks involved in such a complex transaction.

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Know who to trust 

Real estate websites and other online information are great—except when they're not. Here's why you should look to a Texas REALTOR® for advice, pricing, and negotiation assistance.

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Get ready: Making Texans homeowners for life

Completing a homebuyer-education program before you buy can help you avoid foreclosure in the future. Use this convenient resource to find the programs offered in your area. 

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